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Bohdan Tsaplia

Game developer, Mentor & Designer

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General information about me,
my skills and my experience

Who I am?

My name is Bohdan Tsaplia. I'm a 19 year old Unity Developer and amateaur designer from Ukraine.

Currently studying Automatics and Computerized Technologies at Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics (NURE)

Why I became a game developer?

I have always enjoyed video games as they were an effective way to explore astonishing universes, which were brought by the powers of human imagination and creativity.

At first developing was just a funny hobby, but each project pushed the idea of serious developing deeper and deeper into my mind. Years have passed from 2018, when I have developed my first game with bad graphics and laggy game mechanics, but my idea behind this industry stayed still. Game Development is hard and amazing process of forging new interactive entertainments.

What I'm going to do?

Learning, developing and trying something new. There are dozens of technologies I want to try out, so there are still a long path to go.

Tools I use


Project Development

Development of casual games of any genres.


Game Design

Creating of a game concept & extended design document writing.



Fast implementation of your game ideas. Preparing for a full size project.


C# Programming

Development with clean code using SOLID, DRY principles of OOP programming.


Multiplayer and Networking

Implementation of multiplayer using Photon, UNET.



Your project expansion with any SDK such as ADS, Monetization, Leaderboards etc.



Project analysis to detect and remove existing and any potential errors.



Profiling and fixing optimization issues in projects.



  • Indie Game Developer

    I've started as a small but curious developer, who created dozens of tiny and simple games for jams. I've obtained a lot of experience by developing prototypes of various gameplay mechanics.
  • Gamedev Mentor

    at Ampli

    In this position I've greatly improved all types of communication through mentor to student connection. My mentoring projects gave students better understanding of Unity tools and aspects of game development.
  • Game Developer

    at Smugduck

    Independent implementation of projects. Development and supporting the game's client code. Worked with Unity services and had cases of games optimization for mobile platforms. Also had to integrate SDK with advertising and analytics. This position enhanced me in a various areas: game code infrastructure, communication and collaboration, debugging and optimization.
  • Unity Developer

    at UDTech


–°heck out some of my latest projects.
Feel free to visit my itch.io and github page


Reach the top of commercial success with your magneto-loader company

Brutal Christmas

Deliver christmas to always busy citizens right to their house!

Zero Collision

Avoid collisions - be wavy

Mecha's Negotiations

Mecha Battalion Command has called you on an important mission to clear out the region

Taxi Outbounds

Outbounds Taxi is a dynamic web game about crazy cab driver

Nullpo Carl

Simple game about a little robot named Carl who is trying to fix a bug in a spaceship system


Could you connect all the dots with just one touch?


Experience traditional Solitaire in a new way


Exercise your brain and memory


Are you able to discover the word?

Educational Project

Hypercasual Project


Minimalistic prototype, where you fly on a plane

Smarter Together

Solve puzzles using power of robot's cooperation

Hypercasual Game

Trend hypercasual runner prototype


Prototype of a multiplayer versus survival game

Town Building

Prototype of town building mechanic

Castle Defender

Gather resources and defend your castle


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